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Normal  Engagement period should be less than a year, call it 6 months, not more than 3 years. 

The period during engagement supposed to be less than one year

you don’t have to prolong the engagement to three years or more,

This wil


Premarital Sex

stop the woman time of getting married stop the woman

from becoming what she wans to b, so keping the woman that

long is very very bad you need marry the woman for sure the

woman need some love, some seriousness, you must b very

serious with her that in due course you will agreed to marry her it

is not something that you put on the marriage/engagement for so

long we’re during the process the woman become old and she

wouldn’t be attracted to any other man again so prolonging the

marriage or engagement would destroy the girls future because

you may end up marrying another woman and leave her alone and

that is very very bad . in my advice I advise that you should not

engage a woman 4 more than 6 months before marriage. this very

dating relationship courtship or engagement period should be

short. There should be nothing like sex you should not sleep

together you got to b very careful, she may want to attract you or

whatever she may want to seduce you but you are the man, you

need to be very very careful so as to make the marriage come to

pass without premarital Sex, my advice to you today is to be

careful of who tells you that he loves you and deeply inside is Lust,

he is really getting you easily engaging, he easily catch up with you

just to get what he wants… and that is sex and finally got what he

wanted from you , he would drop you, he would dump you just like

a refuge shit, gosh so one need to be very very careful when it

comes to engagement, when it comes to relationship, when it

comes to dating, and when it comes to matters we need to be very

very careful so from today onward if you have dated him for more

than 3 years if you understand my English Babe please please

leave. Very much for he is not serious with you no matter the

condition I mean no matter the condition no matter how the issue

is, you should leave. ya! because he is not serious you need to

look for a better man because he is standing as a stumbling block

as an obstacle and then drive to your success n wish to destroy

God’s plan for you. because so many people are looking for your

hand in marriage but he is dead trying to delay your future so you

have to do something about it this time that its not too late, now

that you are landed, you are still attractive, you are not old, now

that you are still looking pretty because during this time/yrs that

you are with him (Green disease), your destiny is being thwart by

him. # MyAdvice



Here is how you can take care of your Vagina or Private parts….You must smell well to attract your Husband to you always….Pretty babies! Pretty….

This happen to every women that have periods all the time like me. Every women has a smell to her vagina, including me, but I did something about it always;
however when it becomes really offensive it
may be a sign that something is not right
down below. Men want good smells and We Women want good smells also.

This is a smell that upset some men each time they come near you.

Causes: (listen to my discussion here) it may help you also.

Allergy to condoms:

Some women are allergic to certain
materials used in making condoms, this can
trigger vaginal bacteria and cause odour.

Douching and Excessive cleaning:

Douching can mess with the pH levels of the
vagina and even cause a large amount of
bacteria to grow. According to experts; you
do not need anything inside your vagina to
clean it: no douche, no essential oils, and no
soap. The vagina can clean itself.


The skin around your vagina is prone to
sweating. Sweat when combined with
vaginal discharge can give off offensive
odour. If you are very active physically
especially if you exercise a lot, sweat can be
accumulating down there, and this can give
your vagina smell too.

Leftover tampon:

For women who use tampons, be sure there
are no fibers left behind when removing the
tampon as this can also cause vaginal odor.

Wearing underwear at night…

Night time is a good time to let the vagina
get some air, wearing tight panties to sleep
can cause you to sweat and trigger odor.
Also avoid wearing tight clothing during the

Laundry detergent…

Scented detergent can cause your vagina to
be irritated, this in turn can cause odor. If
possible wash your underwear with
unscented detergent to avoid irritation.

Excess pubic hair…

Trim or shave away your pubic hair to avoid
odor from being trapped there and to allow
air on the skin around your vagina.

Synthetic materials…

Some material do not allow air to flow
through and this may cause sweat and in
turn odor. When choosing panties it is
better to go for non synthetic materials.

Spicy food…

According to research spicy food can cause a
sudden increase in vaginal discharge, which
can cause vaginal odor.


Research says that the pH levels of semen
can alter the natural balance of the vagina,
this can cause odor after sex. STDS can also
lead to infections which can cause odor.

A bad diet…

In order for your vagina to build up
beneficial flora, you need to be eating a
healthy diet. Some foods can also cause odor
like garlic, onion, asparagus and curry as
foods that can cause vaginal odor.


During pregnancy, many of vitamins and
minerals are passed along to your baby, and
this can throw off the pH levels in your


Medications such as antibiotics can affect the
bacterial balance of your vagina leading to
changes in odor and discharge.

Hormonal Changes…

The amount of discharge varies throughout
menstrual cycles. Birth control pills and
vaginal creams can also have an effect on
the vaginal PH and odor as well.


Avoid all the causes of vaginal smell and your pussy will smell good. :?[flash=][/flash]

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